Camila Falquez
is a photographer and visual artist,
based in New York City.

Born in Mexico and raised in Spain, Colombian photographer Camila Falquez creates photographs that harness the traditions of fashion and portrait photography to honor a contemporary spectrum of social and gender diversity. Channeling the conventions of surrealism and a painterly color palette, she creates an empowering vision that ushers in the narratives of community, humanity, liberation and visibility.

Selected Publications
The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Vogue Italia, Vogue Spain, Vogue Latin America, Vogue Japan, Vogue Mexico, WSJ, El Pais, Porter Magazine, Primary Paper

Selected Clients
Hermes, Helmut Lang, Carolina Herrera, Nike, Clinique, Apple, Netflix

Solo Presentation New Art Dealers Alliance, Miami 2024 with Hannah Traore Gallery
The Voice Does Go Up, Sound and Video Installation at Hannah Traore Gallery co-created with Luis Rincón Alba, 2023
Frieze, Focus Selection, with Hannah Traore Gallery, Los Angeles 2023
Gods That Walk Among Us at Hannah Traore, New York 2022
In The Picture Group show and Curation of Exhibition for Photo Vogue, Milan 2021

Pérez Art Museum Miami Sixth Annual Acquisition Selection, 2023
Photographer of the Year, Latin American Fashion Awards, 2023
TD Bank and NADA Curated Spotlight curated by Jenée-Daria Strand, Assistant Curator at Public Art Fund, 2023

Selected Press
The Art Newspaper
Art News
Galerie Magazine
The Guardian
Vogue Italia
W Magazine
The Cut
Galerie Magazine
British Journal of Photography

Lindsay Thompson
for bookings and inquiries

Gallery Hannah Traore Gallery
Hannah Traore


Literary Agent
Elianna Kan


“Chant Down”the performance series that accompanies the installation “The Voice Does Go Up” investigates the forces and rebellious energies that inhabit traditional Caribbean songs and explores the anticolonial legacies that gave shape to ancestral percussive and chanting techniques. This performative exploration revisits the modes these legacies are reactivated through repetitive rhythmic and harmonic structures. Awakened by collective chanting, the performance seeks to access the vibrational registers—sometimes secret and hidden—in which the history of Black and Indigenous struggle found refuge. Spectators are invited into a performative listening session that make manifest the existence of highly complex musical and sonic structures in which anticolonial legacies have been codified and passed down to us.This series has been developed in collaboration with Carolina Oliveros, an influential Colombian singer, composer, and researcher based in Brooklyn, NY. In “Chant Down” Carolina leads an experimental vocal and percussive ensemble that weaves multiple Caribbean and Latin American musical traditions that find a connective tissue, a rhythmic one, that brings together sonic traditions that have played a central role in the political history of the Americas. Chant Down seeks to rescue some of these sonic practices and recover them for a contemporary understanding of their value, relevance, and, above all, their political potential; in other words, their capacity to mobilize collective assemblies. The installation and the performance series, in harmonic conjunction, transport visitors into a realm where music, spirituality, and the human body converge.

Perfomance direction by Luis Rincón Alba

Musical direction by Carolina Oliveros

Visual direction by Camila Falquez

Lead Voice
Carolina Oliveros

Natalia Perez
Gina Soto
Mobéy Lola Irizarry
Luis Rincón Alba

Light Design
Fran Rios

Costume Design
Delia Alleyne

Production Assistant Nandi Dion

Costume design and Styling for the performance