Camila Falquez
is a photographer and visual artist,
based in New York City.

Born in Mexico and raised in Spain, Colombian photographer Camila Falquez creates photographs that harness the traditions of fashion and portrait photography to honor a contemporary spectrum of social and gender diversity. Channeling the conventions of surrealism and a painterly color palette, she creates an empowering vision that ushers in the narratives of community, humanity, liberation and visibility.

Selected Publications
The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Vogue Italia, Vogue Spain, Vogue Latin America, Vogue Japan, Vogue Mexico, WSJ, El Pais, Porter Magazine, Primary Paper

Selected Clients
Hermes, Helmut Lang, Carolina Herrera, Nike, Clinique, Apple, Netflix

Solo Presentation New Art Dealers Alliance, Miami 2024 with Hannah Traore Gallery
The Voice Does Go Up, Sound and Video Installation at Hannah Traore Gallery co-created with Luis Rincón Alba, 2023
Frieze, Focus Selection, with Hannah Traore Gallery, Los Angeles 2023
Gods That Walk Among Us at Hannah Traore, New York 2022
In The Picture Group show and Curation of Exhibition for Photo Vogue, Milan 2021

Pérez Art Museum Miami Sixth Annual Acquisition Selection, 2023
Photographer of the Year, Latin American Fashion Awards, 2023
TD Bank and NADA Curated Spotlight curated by Jenée-Daria Strand, Assistant Curator at Public Art Fund, 2023

Selected Press
The Art Newspaper
Art News
Galerie Magazine
The Guardian
Vogue Italia
W Magazine
The Cut
Galerie Magazine
British Journal of Photography

Lindsay Thompson
for bookings and inquiries

Gallery Hannah Traore Gallery
Hannah Traore


Literary Agent
Elianna Kan

La Familia

Portrait Project
Left to right: Iman Le Caire, Alana Jessica, Äscen X, Alyxandra Symone Ramsay, Brent Thomas Whiteside, Qween Jean, Gia Love, Jade Kuriki-Olivo, Brandon Nick, Lexii Foxx, Tahtianna Fermin, Kaiya Carlin, Kammy-Raé.

Styling by Herin Choi

Make-up by Rommy Najor

Hair by Evanie Fausto Team

Set design by Camila Falquez

Assistants Bashira Webb and Bonny Melendez
Production The Lindsay Thompson Company and Maya Young
Shot at Delicia Studio, Brooklyn March 2022

Hannah Traore Gallery, June 2022

Qween Jean, 

In Coversation with Charlotte Cotton the day of the "Family Photo" . March 26 2022

" And today in particular feels like the extension of our home. Truly, our home had no walls. The holidays that we had grown up with and understood connected to family and to tradition.  But as transgender people, that had not been our experience.  As queer bodies we have actually been excluded from that connection, that sense of ownership and that sense of pride. I am grateful that I was able to not only feel like there was a space for us but that there was a need for us to continue, assemble, to laugh, cry, to dance. There was a  special ancestral magic pulse that happened and I didn’t think it stopped. Maybe it’s a heartbeat, maybe it’s the beat of a drum.  It continues. It is happening right here in this room. Babe, all I can tell you is that these are the things that I think define us as people. These are the moments in life that I pray continue to grow. I pray that there are more young people that get to experience the places where they truly know that they are loved.   Where truly know that they do not have to fear, where they do not have to explain. That you can be just who you are, just as you are. And that in itself is a revolution. They are revolutionary. And that our existence doesn’t have to be defined by anyone else and that our existence doesn’t have to be legitimized by anyone else. And we deserve to live. "

Delicia Studio, the morning before"La Familia", Brooklyn, March 2022
BTS photos by Bonny Melendez